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Did you know that long-form content gets more social shares than short-form content?

Hi there, I’m Kari, your friendly neighborhood content creator.  I specialize in long-form, sticky content that your audience will want to read and share.

I operate under three basic beliefs:

  • Cold veggie pizza is the breakfast of champions.

Should we join forces, I’ll stock up on the deep dish and dive headfirst into your content needs so you can handle other important parts of your business.

A little about how I work…

Research, research, research. (Did I mention research?) Research is the cornerstone of my writing process.

Why should this matter to you? 

Well-researched, informative content builds trust with your community. If you consistently post content that adds value to your readers’ lives, they’ll start to view you as an authority and keep tuning in to see what else you have to say.

That’s where I come in.

No more “Where’s the beef?” for you. 

If your website ever invites me to dinner, imma bringing the meat and potatoes.

(You know by meat and potatoes I mean really good, in-depth content, right? Just checkin’.)

My writing process

First, I light jasmine scented candles…

Just kidding.

My process is more bookish, but one I thoroughly enjoy. Whether I’m analyzing competitor sites, scouring testimonials or customer reviews, or immersing myself in industry trends, I hand write my notes on 4 x 6 index cards or in a simple, spiral bound notebook. Once I’ve sufficiently researched my subject, I review and curate my notes, then separate them into stacks by talking points. Then I turn on and start typing.

At various points throughout this process, cold pizza may or may not be consumed.

“But this sounds way too time-consuming,” cries the peanut gallery. “I need content yesterday!”

It actually doesn’t take as long as it sounds, but I do take the time to make sure that what I produce for you is comprehensive, informative and, most importantly, valuable to the people who matter most — your target audience.

Something to keep in mind…

At any given moment, there are hundreds of thousands of articles on the same topic in the same niche as yours.

I can crank out an assembly-line version so you can show the interwebs that you also write words on the topic….


I can dive deep. I can go where your people are and find out what they’re saying (about you, your competitors, themselves), what they’re feeling, what they want, what they wish they had, their biggest fears, their disappointments…the transformation they’re looking for.

And then I can create a piece that’s uniquely yours. 

As I write, I keep three things in mind:

  • Is it interesting?
  • Is it easy/enjoyable to read?
  • Does it include at least one or two things that will catch your readers by surprise?

If not, what’s the point?  

So, to answer the distinguished member of the Peanut Gallery, yes, content like this will take more time.

But it will be worth it.

My transparent rates.  No surprises.

While in-depth research informs my writing, you won’t get exorbitant research charges from me. My rates are project-based, with research time already factored in. This means I get to research to my heart’s content, and you have peace of mind knowing the full and complete cost before a project begins.

TL;DR – T-Shirt Quote Version

If my writing style were a t-shirt quote, this is what it’d say:

Do the research.

Smith the words.

Make it sing. 

Eat the deep dish. 🙂

Let’s connect!

If you’re interested in working with me (or just want to share cat videos and food-related memes), I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s how to find me:  E-mailLinkedInTwitter


Twitter:    @KaWatterson

Now, enough about me.

I want to know more about you. 



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