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Not all content is king.

Yep, I went there. 

Anyone can write fluff. Sometimes, I like to read fluff. But that’s not what I do here.

Hi there, I’m Kari. I write long-form sticky content for small to medium-sized businesses.

I write to help:

→  drive traffic to your blog or website

→  increase consumer engagement

→  lower your bounce rate

→  build trust and brand awareness

→  position you as an industry authority or thought leader

What do you need?

I write blog posts, web copy, case studies, and white papers. I help you spread the word about who you are, what products or services you provide, and most importantly, why you’re the one to provide those products or services to the world.

In my other life as a medical malpractice and personal injury paralegal, I split my time between research (to understand the medicine behind complex injuries or malpractice claims) and writing (arguments on behalf of providers or injured parties).

Those formative years helped shape how I approach writing content for my clients.  I immerse myself in research about you, your product or service, your industry, your target market, and what you hope to accomplish. I get a feel for your voice.

Then, with your end goal in mind, I spread out my notes and research and get to work crafting the most interesting and engaging content possible for your intended audience.

Anyone can string words together to meet word counts.

But that’s not why you’re here, is it?

To quote a former managing partner, a beautifully written document should sing.

With this as my benchmark, I dive deep into research and weave facts and story together to create truly interesting content that flows and brings your vision to life.

Interested? Great! The first step is to hop on a call together to make sure we’re a good fit. 

Just shoot me an e-mail with a brief description of your content needs and your preferred method of contact.  I’ll reach out to you within one business day to set up a time to chat.  

It’s all about symbiosis.  

During our chat, you’ll get a feel for me and I’ll get a feel for you.  Fingers crossed, the conversation will go swimmingly and we’ll both hang up excited to get things rolling. 

Whatcha say?  

You can e-mail me at the address below or complete the handy form. 

Let’s make something great together. 

→  Email:  eleanorjane.contentwriter@gmail.com

Want to learn more about my writing process? Click here.

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Kari Watterson
Content Writer | B2B & B2C Copywriter | Freelance Paralegal
Email: eleanorjane.contentwriter@gmail.com | kwatterson@outlook.com 
Blog: Eleanor & Jane | http://www.EleanorandJane.wordpress.com
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